Gilbert Trail: Do’s, Don’t, Cost & Things to Take With You

Lush Green surroundings, bespoke beauty, cool and fresh breeze kissing your face, alluring skies, and tranquillity at its best. Yes, that is what Gilbert Trail is all about. Located in Kasauli, the trail is a beautiful tourist spot at a stretch of 1.5 km from the main road. The Gilbert nature trail is one such picturesque site that is the perfect taste of paradise for nature lovers, especially bird watchers! For the newcomers to the mountains and hikers club, this trail is the perfect option for you as a starter pack. Nestled at the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas, The Gilbert trail has such a soothing panoramic view that will definitely make you fall in love with nature over and over again.


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Come let’s see some dos, don’t and things that you can take with you on this small hike to Gilbert trail.



  • Be a responsible explorer : There’s a thin line between being adventurous and inviting danger for you. Be a responsible one and don’t put you and your co travellers in any uninvited problem. Along with this do only what is good for you and the nature for which you are here.


  • Get ready for something unexpected: This 1.5 km of trail will lead you to the beautiful panoramic views which will be completely out of the box.


  • Wear sturdy shoes: Trekking in mountains is not an easy task. Narrow trails can be slippery at times. The Gilbert Trail has a slippery walkway. Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes for your safety.

Gilbert Trail


  • Most importantly, don’t litter nature: We all know by now that throwing leftovers, packets is unhealthy for our surroundings. Yet, we see numerous tourists who come to witness the alluring views, but leave the place with packets, empty bottles and what not.


  • Don’t carry too much for just a 1.5 km trail: It’s not a proper trek for which you need many things. It’s just nearly more than a kilometre hike. You can see the next section in the article to know what all you can carry.

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  • Avoid touching plants: The beautiful flora and fauna in the hilly areas are way too attractive. But don’t touch any plants as they can cause you serious allergies. Some of them might seem to be fetching, however they may have poison in it.


  • Avoid feeding monkeys: Hills are the home to Monkeys. On your voyage to beautiful spots, you will find these creatures accompanying you. But, do not feed them as they are among the most unpredictable animals.



Things to carry

  • Water bottle
  • One water proof jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Medicine (if allergic to anything)


Next, when you visit kasauli or surroundings, you have a beautiful hike, which will take you to a paradise. The best time to explore the Gilbert Trail is between April to June and the post monsoon between September to November. Since, in monsoon roads become slippery and it’s risky to trek. Get up early in the morning and try to reach the finishing point when the sun is touching the sky. That view and beauty can not be expressed in words.


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Get up, pack your bags because this is the refreshing escape you need!

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