Destination Wedding Near Chandigarh

Wedding itself is a grand affair. Everyone wants to have a perfect fairytale wedding. With the increase in the trends of modernity, Destination weddings are ruling these days. These new trends in weddings surely make them more aesthetic, exciting and entertaining at the same time. But finding a perfect venue which surpasses all your preference list can be a troublesome task. Chandigarh and its surroundings are considered the best when it comes to choosing a destination wedding venue especially in north India. With mountains starting a few kms from the city, the views are magnificent. Destination wedding near Chandigarh is a perfect choice to take vows of your special day, and this guide will give you reasons why you shouldn’t rule out this place.

Destination Wedding Near Chandigarh

Mesmerising Backdrops

Everyone wants their wedding captures to be perfect as they hold lifelong memories of your special day. With spectacular backdrops of mountains, venues in Chandigarh and Himachal is what you are looking for. With overlooking Shivalik range, Moksha Himalayan Spa Resort is an ideal choice for your wedding pictures to turn out dreamy and perfect. Outdoor setups with perfect choices of flowers and majestic mountains will undoubtedly bring your pinterest boards to reality. Capture heavenly pictures at the setups for a lifetime remembrance.

Best Destination Wedding Near Chandigarh

Preferable climate

Visualise a wedding setup under bright sunshine. The aesthetics, pictures and vibe will be mesmerising. But will you get this in other parts of India where getting out in the sun is painful, where sweat can spoil your outfits. Don’t worry, the climate in Himachal is nearly perfect to bring this visualisation to reality.

Also, Climate becomes the biggest problem especially when ladies and girls have to wear lehengas and sarees. Destination wedding near Chandigarh will give you a preferable climate which will help you enjoy the wedding without scorching heat or freezing cold.


Luscious North Indian Food

Who says weddings are only about bride-groom and the decorations? Every wedding has some relatives who are there to have good food and gossip about the same. Venues near Chandigarh serving some luscious north Indian food will definitely make your guest happy. We all are very well aware of flavorful and mouthwatering north Indian food. So, choose a venue which makes your special day even more memorable with savoury delicacies.

Destination Wedding Near Punjab

Venues near Chandigarh are nearly perfect when it comes to connectivity for your guest to come, or other parameters such as safety, parking, hygiene. While you hunt for a location which is perfect for a destination wedding near Chandigarh, Check out Moksha Himalayan Spa Resort. We ful-fill all your preferences from beautiful and alluring backdrops, warm hospitality, special sumptuous dining options to services that will definitely leave you awestruck. Considered as the best resort in Himachal Pradesh, we provide 3 different categories of hall to curate your events and weddings. Situated just 35 kms from Chandigarh, we provide you an ideal destination for both a luxury getaway and alluring weddings.


So, what could be a better place to take your vows than a town known for magnificent views and lush green beauty.

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