Kasauli Hotels and Resorts

If you are visiting Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli Hotels and Resorts provide the best places to stay for a hill view. With cool climates, colonial charm and stunning architecture, it is always a pleasure to visit this mountain resort town in the Himalayas. Unlike other hill stations, Kasauli is very clean and well-developed. It has many interesting tourist spots and can be reached by car from Delhi in only five and a half hours.


If you are travelling to Kasauli, make sure that you book your hotel or resort ahead of time. This is because Kasauli is quite small and hilly and therefore, there are relatively fewer good places to stay in Kasauli, many of which get booked up early. In this blog, we will explore where to stay in Kasauli and how to get the most out of your trip.

About Kasauli

For seasoned travellers who are frequent visitors to the hill stations in the Himalayas, Kasauli is a favored destination. From the beginning, this little township has been a clean and well-maintained haven that is a pleasure to visit at anytime during the year. Its overwhelming aura of British elegance, army efficiency and local hospitality has made it a favorite destination with demanding tourists from Delhi and Chandigarh.

The town features many historic buildings that are very revealing about the history of the place and the lifestyle of upper crust British and Indian gentry in colonial times and thereafter. An old brewery, several lavish residences of aristocrats and a medieval church are just some of the sights here that captivate the imagination and make Kasauli a fun place to explore.

Kasauli Hotels & resorts

Like most hill stations, Kasauli also has a busy Mall Road that offers some interesting shopping options and delicious restaurants serving local favorites.

You also see characteristic small cafes here that are a hotbed of social activity and travel companies selling interesting experiences. If you can get a good mix of solace in nature and the charm of the city, Kasauli is the ideal place to visit.

Hotels and resorts in Kasauli

Kasauli draws a diverse crowd. From elite travellers looking for the best and most luxurious resorts in existence to workers seeking a cheap place to stay for the night, Kasauli has all types of accommodations. There are some 5-star luxury resorts here but they are few and far between. Most of them are quite small compared to their counterparts due to a lack of space and offer fewer facilities.

Many hotels and resorts here are also located in congested areas of this tourist town where there is a constant din of traffic and noise. Since Kasauli is a full-fledged township, there are many festivals, tourist groups, construction activities and jams that can occur. For many, this defeats the purpose of going on a mountain retreat.

Kasauli Hotels

There are also many smaller hotels and guesthouses here that are locally owned and run. Although they offer warm hospitality and good locations inside the town, they often do not have the basic amenities and expertise needed for a smooth and luxurious experience. Even basic facilities like room service and a swimming pool are hard to come by at many of these hotels.

In Kasauli, there are some so-called 7-star properties that offer a high level of service along with almost every creature comfort imaginable but these are exorbitantly priced. At some of the resorts, a standard room can cost as much as Rs. 35,000 per night with additional charges for many amenities. For many families and groups, this becomes unviable, especially for a weeklong trip.

Where to stay

The best stay option for those looing for the true mountain retreat experience is to stay outside Kasauli. There are some very interesting hotels and resorts within a one-hour radius of Kasaui that are perched atop singularly beautiful surroundings. These are ideal because they offer peace and seclusion along with easy access to the town and the tourist areas around it, especially if you have a car. One of the best resorts near Kasauli is called the Timber Trail Resort.

Kasauli resorts

Located just 45 minutes away from Kasauli in Parwanoo, the Timber Trail Resort offers bespoke luxury and upscale amenities with carefully curated experiences for weary travellers. It is renowned for its location and offers great views of the spectacular beauty of this region along with a cable car that allows you a birds eye view of the entire valley.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of staying at the Timber Trail Resort is its unique and lavish spa. With many options for massages and treatments, the spa is expertly designed and proficiently run for the ultimate in rejuvenation experiences. The expert staff is well trained in traditional Ayurvedic and international techniques for a truly blissful nature retreat within a stone’s throw distance from Kasauli.













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