Solan Resorts

Solan is a beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh that is well worth visiting. It is an ancient settlement that dates back from the time of the Pandavas and has many interesting temples, natural formations, amusement parks, a brewery and even a toy train. Regardless of if you are travelling alone, with family on in a big group, Solan is great place to visit in the hills, especially if you like temples.

Located only about 45 Kilometers south of Shimla, Solan is about an hour away from Kasauli, less than an hour from Parwanoo and about 2 hours away from Chandigarh. This makes it easily accessible by car if you are visiting Himachal Pradesh and an easy city to include in your itinerary if you want to fully experience this beautiful section of the Himalayas.


Things to do in Solan

There is enough to do in Solan to keep you busy for a few days or even a week. Depending on your area of interest, there are a lot of great tourist attractions that you can visit and activities that you can participate in. Let take a look at some of the most popular spots here and what makes them special:

  1. Maa Shoolani Devi Temple: This is one of the most famous and well-known temples in Solan. What better way to start your tour than a visit to this ancient temple and a quick look around to admire its architecture and learn about its genesis? You can also buy assorted knickknacks at shops nearby.
  1. Yung Drung Monastery: This monastery is a major tourist attraction and stores authentic paintings and artifacts made in the Tibetan Style. With an unmistakable aura of peace and enlightenment, it is a great place to pay your respects and learn more about Buddhism and the rich cultural heritage of Solan.
  1. Mall Road: Like most hill stations and hill towns, the Mall Road is the main road here and features some of the best cafes, restaurants, shops, travel services and tourist attractions. Take a stroll down this road to get a good feel of Solan and its people. There is a also a small but interesting children’s park at the Mall Road.
  1. Mohan Meakin Brewery: One of the oldest brewery and distillery in the world, the Mohan Meakin Brewery was set up by the British in 1855. It started as small brewery but grew in size and stature as demand increased. People still visit it to learn about the art of brewing and its fascinating history.
  1. Toy Train: At the Solan Railway Station, you can see and take a ride on the narrow gauge Toy Train that was instrumental for transportation in earlier times and is now a tourist attraction. It has since been recognized by the UN as a heritage site that needs to be preserved.
  2. Mushrooms: Solan is called Mushroom City because the Mushrooms that grow here are famous. When in Solan, try fresh, locally grown mushrooms at one of the restaurants here for a truly divine culinary experience. If you like Solan’s mushrooms, you can buy some to take them home.

Where to stay

There are relatively fewer good resorts in Solan as it is less popular than Shimla, Kasauli and even Parwanoo. If you are visiting here with family and looking for a good place to stay, you may have to look at resorts in the vicinity and round this area if you do not find anything in Solan city to your liking. Luckily there are enough resorts in the general vicinity for you to find something that is suitable.

One great resort in the area is Moksha, a luxury wellness resort in Parwanoo that is simply out of the world. With a stunning location, impressive architecture and 5 star service, this resort is well worth a visit, even if you do not decide to stay here. The location provides incredible views of the mountains and the overall experience is well worth the trip.

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