Escape the City’s Buzz: Explore Tourist Places near Delhi within 300 kms

Delhi is a fascinating city. Travellers have called it the “City of Djinns” because it is a place that has the power to make your wildest dreams and fantasies come true. You can spend a long time in Delhi and still not see all its nooks and crannies but at some point, you will want to take a break and head to a more peaceful and rural destination close by.

Luckily, Delhi is ideally located for quick trips to several great places in North India. Within 300 Kms of the city, there are some real gems that are a pleasure to visit and to explore at leisure. In this blog, we will look at some tourist places near Delhi within 300 Kms and then narrow our search down to one destination that is ideal for a weekend getaway or mini-vacation.

Delhi’s Unique Location

Delhi developed early as a great city because of its unique and enviable location. Sitting on the banks of the Yamuna River, the capital of India is almost equidistant from the great mountains to the north, the arid deserts to the southwest, the fertile plains to the east and several other great cities to the south. It also lies on the main highway of the country, which was once called the Old Grand Trunk Road but is now called National Highway 1.

Depending on where you want to go, you can drive down to many great destinations within a few hours or at most a day of driving and then rest comfortably at your chosen destination by dusk. These road trips can be a lot of fun in their own right but anything further than 300 Kms. can become a bother, especially if you are travelling in a big group or with children.

Tourist places near Delhi within 300 kms

Also, since Delhi itself is quite congested and polluted, most people want to drive north for a stay in the hills. This allows Delhi residents to breathe in fresh mountain air and enjoy beautiful views of hills, green fields and valleys. The hills are also popular places to go because over the years, many hill stations have developed the right infrastructure required to host large numbers of tourists.

The most famous hill stations of India are further to the north and are also quite congested. This is why Delhiites are constantly on the lookout for good resorts close to the city that can be reached quickly. If you are not limited to only famous hill stations and willing to explore, you can explore the area called Solan in Himachal Pradesh. This region is very close to Delhi and practically next door to Chandigarh, making it the most convenient place for an authentic hill station experience.

The Best Place to Go

Solan has long been known as a beautiful destination perched on a high plate that is surrounded by majestic mountains. Its close proximity to Chandigarh and scenic approach from Delhi is also an added advantage. From here, one can go further north to Kasauli or take a turn towards Shimla. There are also several very interesting villages and tourist spots nearby that are very quaint and charming.

Earlier, a long time ago, there were no good resorts in Solan and therefore it never became as popular as Shimla or Kasauli but nowadays, there have been major improvements in the road leading up to Solan and the infrastructure of the region, allowing visitors to have a fun and luxurious trip to this area. Several new resorts have also opened up here, including the famous Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort.

Where to Stay

The Moksha Resort is easily one of the best resorts in Solan and perhaps in all of north India. It is a swanky and well-designed property perched at the top of a hill with contemporary features and a classy, 7 star look and feel. The resort offers well-appointed rooms that come with all the modern gizmos and gadgets along with a superb restaurant, a heavenly infinity pool looking out towards the hills and an in-house ropeway, which has become a landmark in the region.

Deliites will be especially comfortable at Moksha as it offers the best of Delhi hospitality and efficiency against a backdrop of majestic mountains and rolling green fields. Many of the designers, architects and artists who created this heavenly oasis in the hills are from Delhi and have brought with them the indubitable styling and pomp of the capital.

The resort also offers excellent cuisine that honors the local tradition of cooking but is well versed with global cuisine, especially Italian and Chinese dishes. The restaurants and cafes at the Moksha Spa and Resort serve some delectable dishes during lunch and dinner while the breakfast spread is to die for. Guests who want privacy can also order 24 hours room service that can be enjoyed in the comfort of their own room at the press of a button All things considered, this is one of the best places for tourists to visit around Delhi.


places to visit near Delhi within 300 kms

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