Weekend Resorts near Chandigarh: Things to Do & Stay

Nothing perks up a week better than ending it with a weekend break to reward yourself. For the residents of Chandigarh, there are many options of beautiful destinations within driving distance that provide a stunning change of scenery and a beautiful environment in which to relax and rejuvenate. This winters, take advantage of these places and go on a weekend break that will change your mood and expand your horizons.

weekend gateway near Chandigarh

One of the best destinations within reach from Chandigarh is the wonderful hill station of Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh. Located only 2 hours away from Chandigarh, Kasauli is the quintessential hill station with colonial architecture, a chilly climate, a buzzing mall street and breathtaking views of majestic mountains. Considered to be one of the best and most developed hill stations in India, this place is ideal for relaxation and exploration.

About Kasauli

Kasauli is a quaint cantonment town built by the British in a strategic location. It has an elevation of almost 6000 ft and is full of colonial era houses and buildings, making it seem like a place from another era that time forgot about. There are many remnants of the raj here including churches, roundabouts, paved walking streets and winding roads reminiscent of England.

Besides its colonial design and construction, there is another reason why Kasauli is such a great place to visit. The town was an army area under the British and this tradition continued on after independence. The Indian army took over the military installations and barracks here and has since contributed hugely towards the upkeep and maintenance of the town. Due to the army presence here, the law and order situation is also very good and everything works perfectly.

Kasauli sees a big influx of tourists every year and has built up the entire infrastructure required to make visitors feel comfortable. From luxury hotels and stylish cafes to interesting shopping experiences and well-maintained monuments, Kasauli is a pleasure to visit in every sense. For a small hill town, the communication and transportation infrastructure is very advanced and many international conferences are held here periodically.

Things to do in Kasauli

The best thing to do in Kasauli is just to relax, take in the views, enjoy the food and wander around. If you are feeling especially energetic and want to engage in some fun activities or check out some of the sites, Kasauli provides plenty to see and do. Here is a short list of the most important experiences you can have here;

Toy Train: A popular activity made famous by movies and popular culture, the Toy Train here is an iconic and memorable experience. It is so popular and important that UNESCO has declared it to be a World Heritage. One can board the train from Dharampur, located about 10 Kms from Kasauli and then ride it to Barog and return. Along the way, there is a 3-minute tunnel that adds excitement to the journey.

Kasauli Tibetan Market: If you are interested in Buddhism and the Tibetan way of life, you will be enamored by the wonderful Tibetan Market in Kasauli. Here, you can buy genuine Tibetan products and handicrafts, which are very good in quality and creativity. You can also buy a lot of foodstuff here such as jams, preserves, jellies etc.

Gurkha Fort: This is an ancient fort built by the famous Gurkha Warriors who were revered for their bravery and resilience. Located in Sabathu, the fort is about 16 Kms away from Parwanoo and surrounded by dense forests. If you like historical forts and are interested in the history of the region, this is a must visit place for you.

Where to stay

The town of Kasauli is quite congested due to the high number of tourists who come here and the relatively narrow roads. Thus, the best place to stay when visiting Kasauli is a good resort outside the city limits. One such resort in Parwanoo is surrounded by nature but is close to Kasauli is the Moksha Resort & Spa. This resort is only 40 minutes away from Kasauli and is the perfect place for a weekend resort.

Weekend Getaway from Chandigarh

From Moksha, you can travel up to Kasauli and also visit the many beautiful natural formations in the area. From waterfalls to singing brooks and meandering streams, the drive up to moksha is full of interesting detours that are well worth the time and hassle. By the time you get to the property, you will be in mountain mode.

Once you arrive at Moksha, you will not feel like stepping out. The mesmerizing and impeccable property is a veritable wonderland of interesting activities and facilities that will take you the whole weekend to discover and enjoy. Here, you can swim, enjoy a gourmet meal, get spa services and gaze into infinity at the many look-out spots specially made for this purpose.

If you feel like staying in, Moksha has an extensive room service menu that has everything that you need for a night in with a special someone. The Food is expertly prepared and served and the service is surprisingly quick even though the resort is very spread out. Regardless of the occasion, a weekend trip to Moksha will make you and our guests feel rejuvenated and reborn.




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