A Guide to the Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh

Known as the state with the most hill stations and snow-capped mountains in the nation, Himachal Pradesh is a pleasure to visit at any time during the year. Although it is traditionally a summer destination that allows people to escape the heat, Himachal Pradesh offers varying and markedly different experiences depending on when you visit. In this blog, we will explore these differences to find out what is the best month to visit Himachal Pradesh.

The Many Seasons of Himachal Pradesh

Since this northern state is rich with natural beauty and surrounded by tall mountains, the weather conditions and environment here depend on what time of year it is. In the summers, when tourists come here in droves, the state offers a relatively green and bountiful playground of soft grass, leafy trees, colorful flowers and orchards full of sweet fruits. For many people, this is the best time to visit and explore the state.

As the summer draws to a close and fall begins to peak through, you see a stark change in the hillsides, valleys and forests. Many trees and plants begin to shed their leaves and an austere grey landscape emerges from the remnants that gets progressively darker and colder throughout the winter. Many animals go into hibernation and many seasonal businesses that cater to the summer tourists shut down until the next season.

Hill Stations near Chandigarh

While the winter can be cold and depressing here, it also has its own advantages. Some places in Himachal get snow in the winter, turning the area into a pristine and white wonderland that looks nothing less than a page from a book of fairytales. The snow enables winter sorts such as skiing, snowmobiles and sleighing while different kind of flora and fauna is seen, including thorn bushes, wild berries and migratory birds.

As we know, everything in nature turns perpetually and soon, winter turns to spring. For many, this is a magical and energizing time as life, once in deep slumber begins to awaken with noisy activity and spectacular colors. Flowers and fruits blossom once again and leaves and grass reappear and turn green. In the midst of this renewal, visitors have a chance to see glimpses of life here that are otherwise hidden.

Spring slowly turns to summer as the sun beats down with ever increasing intensity. It may seem odd but the summer sun in hill stations can be quite strong as the thin mountain air does little to dissipate the heat. The beginning of summer is also a glorious time in Himachal as the days are surprisingly hot and the nights are chilly, leading to several different seasons everyday. This is also an exciting time as seasonal businesses and institutions open up.

The Best Month to Visit Himachal Pradesh

Deciding when to visit Himachal Pradesh depends on your individual interests. If you seek only cooler climes, the summer is the best time to visit this state. However, if you are into winter sports and want to experience the state in its original and truest form, try coming here during the winters when it is stripped bare of the tourist entrapments and only the natives remain.

The winters here can be incredibly hard but can also be the most revealing and endearing time to come here. If you stay at a good resort and bundle yourself in warm clothes, the cold weather will not pose any problems and restrictions while the hillsides and landscapes will be dressed up in a different garb that reveals the true fault lines and contours of this earthly paradise.

In the month of December, many hill stations come alive due to their colonial and Christian roots. During this time, you can go on treks, make bonfires and play in the snow. You can also explore tourist attractions easily as there is little or no crowd and everything is easily accessible. The small group of out-of-towners that are present here in the winters are usually seasoned travellers and die-hard explorers who tend to congregate together and are a lot of fun to interact with.

Where to Stay

If you visit Himachal Pradesh in the dead of winters, you should stay at a good resort that is well stocked and appropriately outfitted to fight the cold weather. Amongst all the resorts in this tourist state, perhaps the best and most stylish one is the Moksha Himalayan Resort and Spa. This property is renowned for its spectacular architecture, breathtaking views and an indulgently luxurious property that sits atop a hill.

Best month to visit Himachal Pradesh

The rooms and facilities at the Moksha Resort are par excellent and their arrangements are unassailable. This is the perfect resort to use as a base to explore the surrounding areas and interact with natives and die-hard travellers. The resort also has an excellent concierge desk that will help you make travel arrangements, engage in winter sports and find accurate local information. A residency here in the winters is the best way to truly experience the state of Himachal Pradesh.

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