Hill Stations near Delhi within 300 Kms

The best part of living in Delhi is its proximity to great hill stations. Most of the famous hill stations in India are located close to Delhi, allowing residents to take off at the drop of a hat. Whenever the heat or city life becomes unbearable, residents can take a short drive to the hills stations in Himachal Pradesh for a refreshing break and a change of setting that is both invigorating and rejuvenating.

Hill Stations near Delhi within 300 Kms

There are many hill stations near Delhi within 300 Kms that are easy to drive to. This is extremely important as most people don’t have the time or budget to take long flights for a few days of luxury. The road trip gets them there fast and is an essential part of the hill station experience. The roads are relatively good and there are many places worth checking out along the way.

Going on a road trip

The best way to travel to hill stations is by road as it gives you the flexibility to leave as and when you want. You can depart your hometown whenever you feel like it instead of being pressurized by flight timings and travel formalities. When you are travelling with family or in a big group, the road trip is even more  fun as it gives you a chance to interact with each other instead of sitting seats apart in a plane or train.

If you decide to go by road, you also have the advantage of having your own vehicle at the destination. This allows you to fully explore the area instead of taking expensive and unreliable cabs everywhere or coordinating with the schedules of public transport. The car also allows you take everything you need with you on the trip instead of being limited by airline regulations.

They say that the journey is more important than the destination and nowhere is this truer than during road trips to the hills. The journey allows you to properly acclimatize yourself and get used to the hills instead of arriving there suddenly by aircraft and then struggling to find your feet. You can also discuss the plan of action on the way and get to know your fellow passengers and the mood they are in.

Hill Stations near Delhi

While it is hard to talk on public transport, you can do as you feel like and say whatever you want in the privacy and comfort of your car. You can blare music and have passionate discussions without having to care about other passengers or authorities. This allows a level of carefree freedom that, to many people, is an essential part of any vacation or break.

Another major advantage of going by road is that you can break up the journey by taking stops as frequently as you like. This allows you to stretch your legs, get adequately hydrated and put less stress on your body as you travel. If you research the route, you are also sure to find some places that are interesting enough to check out, even if you have to take a short detour.

Although driving in the hills is very safe, it is best to err on the side of caution. One should always drive slow, use the rearview mirror, give turn signals and pay attention. Under no circumstances should you drive when sleep deprived or under the influence of alcohol. With a little bit of planning and adequate precaution, travelling by road can be a safe and fulfilling enterprise.

Road trips are fun but it is best not to make them too long. Anything over 300 Kms becomes difficult to cover in one day, especially if you are travelling with children or the elderly. A 300 Km road trip is about the right duration for a fun filled journey without it becoming boring or uncomfortable. A short road trip also allows you to utilize the second half of the day at the destination instead of being fatigued and worn out by the journey. Luckily, there are some great destinations with a 300 Kms radius of Delhi.

Hill Stations Close to Delhi

One of the best hill stations near Delhi is Parwanoo. This is a small town that is closer to Delhi than some of the other bigger and more famous hill stations and also has the added advantage of being at a lower elevation. When going to Parwanoo, you don’t have to worry too much about warm clothing and can decide to take the trip whenever the mood arises.

One of the best resorts in Parwanoo is Moksha Spa Resort that is one of the most luxurious and well-built properties in India. It has a stunning location overlooking the hills and provides a 7 star experience that is worth checking out. Its pristine campus and immaculate rooms are a class apart from most other resorts in the area and provide a hill station experience that is hard to rival.

best Hill Stations near Delhi

The resort has a stunning infinity pool that overlooks the valley and a well-designed luxury spa that offers traditional and international massages and treatments. The resort also has a competent gym with the latest fitness equipment and offers many classes and activities for guests like cooking, fitness etc.

The food at the resort is par excellent. Guests get a gourmet breakfast spread that is fit for a king and can also order food and drinks by the poolside. The resort also has in-room dining options that are quick and easy along with a great restaurant and café that is surrounded by large windows for spectacular views that give it that special mountaintop feel.

The location of the resort is also perfect and allows you to make daytrips to Kasauli and other interesting destinations in the area. Within a short distance, you have some interesting adventure sports and also some great waterfalls and picnic spots. If you are looking for a hill station experience that is close to Delhi, convenient and luxurious, Moksha is the place for you.

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