Kasauli Hotel Booking at it’s Best Deals

Kasauli is a wonderful hill station but finding suitable accommodations in tis tiny city is becoming harder and harder. Once an elite destination favored by a discerning crowd, it is now overrun with tourists, putting a big strain on all its resources including hotels and resorts. If you thinking of going to Kasauli, you should arrange your hotel bookings ahead of time to ensure a comfortable stay.


Kasauli hotels booking was never easy but in the last few years, its rising popularity has significantly increased the price of hotel rooms and also deteriorated the quality as even sub-par properties are selling out during the peak tourist season. The city has also become more congested and noisy, making it hard to find a peaceful and serene hotel within city limits.

The best option for travellers to Kasauli nowadays is to find a resort that is outside the city but close enough so that you can visit all the landmarks and tourist attractions easily. Some of the new resorts that are opening up in this region are away from the city but within a 50 Km radius, thus giving tourists the best of both worlds.

What to look for in a resort

Depending on your unique needs and preferences, different travellers look for different qualities in a hotel when making their bookings. Some are looking for the most luxurious and lavish properties whereas other are more interested in a prime location that is far away from the hustle and bustle. Still other travelers prefer a hotel that is close to their areas of interest.

Regardless of your specific needs, most people want a dependable and reliable hotel that will not disappoint them and ruin their precious few vacation days. Lets take a look at all the characteristics that are important when you make your hotel bookings:

Location: This is perhaps the most important aspect of any hotel. As discussed, a hotel inside the city will be costlier, smaller and less peaceful than a hotel tucked away in the outskirts and surrounded by lush green forests. Staying at a sweet spot will save you time and money and will also determine what kind of vacation you have. Therefore, you should always check out the hotel location before making your booking.

Swimming Pool:A hotel without a swimming pool or one that has a suspicious pool is not worth staying at. You will not get the “vacation feel” without an appetizing pool where you can sunbathe, swim and order your favorite cocktail. Even if you are not interested in swimming, a hotel with a pool is essential to create the right atmosphere for a fun filled vacation.

Hill view resorts
Resorts near Kasauli with Swimming Pool

Service:Most Indian travellers love good service. They are easily offended when the hotel is not able to cater to their specific needs and feel insulted if the staff is too brusque or curt with them. If you like to be pampered, you should check out the reviews to ensure that you will be well taken care of at the hotel you are considering.

Brand: Branded hotels command a premium price but are worth it because for that extra amount, you are assured that the hotel will maintain a certain minimum standard and there will be no nasty surprises that ruin your day in the sun. Branded hotels have well developed SOPs and systems that can make all the difference between a delightful stay and one that is merely adequate.

Price: Everyone is limited by their budget. You will not enjoy your vacation if you are always worried about the bill. Therefore, you should stay at a hotel that is well within your budget or below it. You can reward yourself later by staying at a top-tier property on the last day of your vacation to end on a sweet note.

Great views: If you are traveling to a hill station, you should stay at a hotel that provides great views of the hills and mountains in the area. This is the best part of staying in the hills and creates the right mood for a characteristic hill station vacation. Good hotels are designed with this in mind and provide great views from the rooms, restaurants and public places.

Good hotels near Kasauli

If you are travelling to Kasauli and are looking for a hotel outside the city, the Moksha Resort is the best option. This is one of the best hotels in Parwanoo that fits all the criteria that we have discussed and also has an amazing spa that can turn your vacation into an elixir of wellness and luxury. The spa services at the Moksha Resort are truly epic and well worth the price.

Besides their spa, the Moksha Resort also has an unbeatable location. It is located about an hour before Kasauli atop a cliff that overlooks the best part of the valley. From almost every part of the resort, you get amazing views of lush green forests and majestic hills hat cocoon you during your stay.

Kasauli Hotels Booking

The swimming pool at Moksha is a sight to behold. The stunning infinity pool is designed in a contemporary style and located at the center of the property to give swimmers a commanding view of the area and of the resort. You can order whatever you want by the poolside and also dine al-fresco near the pool.

You can book the Moksha Resort though a number of intermediaries and booking sites but to get the best deal, you should get a quote directly from the hotel. Many hotels give steep discounts on direct bookings and also offer many packages that may suit your needs. If you do not plan to spend a lot of time outside the resort, you should go in for a package that includes all the meals.

Moksha has an amazing fine dining restaurant that offers gourmet multi-cuisine dishes that are cooked and spiced to perfection. If you do not feel like stepping out of your room, you can avail of the in-room dining options that are expertly prepared and elegantly served along with stylish cutlery and everything else that you may need. This is what ideal vacation should feel like.



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