Resorts near Kasauli with Swimming Pool

Are you looking for resorts near Kasauli with swimming pool? Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort is Avialabel with best hills view Swimming Pool. Even if you decide not to go for a swim, just the presence of a pool gives off the right holiday vibes and transforms your mood. Sitting by the pool, sunbathing or having a drink in the vicinity can be quite invigorating as the shimmering waters are a constant reminder that you are on vacation mode.

Unfortunately, some mountain resorts do not have swimming pools due to a lack of space, lack of water or lack of temperature control. Even some upscale resorts don’t have a pool or have a seasonal pool that is operational only for a few months in the year. This can be a big disappointment, which is why it is important to always ask about the swimming pool when you make your resort bookings.


The importance of swimming pools

Swimming is one of the best and most pleasurable ways to exercise and burn calories. On hot days, pools provide the perfect sanctuary where you can exercise outdoors and still beat the heat. When you are in a big group, you can play all kinds of games and pranks for a fun filled afternoon that seems to go by in a flash. Here are some ways you can enjoy the poolside:


  1. Do a few laps: What better way to start your day or end your evening than a few brisk laps in a refreshing pool? A single lap will reinvigorate the human body and get the blood pumping so that you have a great day ahead and peaceful sleep at night.


  1. Play Marco Polo: The best game for large groups around a swimming pool, Marco Polo burns a lot of calories and also stretches out muscles and membranes. Although a bit noisy and boisterous, this game is sure to get everyone in your party into the holiday spirit.


  1. Alfresco Dining: You don’t have have to swim to enjoy a swimming pool. Simply having dinner by the poolside under the sky or a few drinks when lounging around the area can be a calming and grounding experience.


  1. Calisthenics: Exercising in the pool has many benefits. The water slows down your movements and makes them smoother, giving you the ultimate cardio workout. When done in a group with music, it is even more fun and becomes akin to a dance party.


  1. Sunbathing: Humans need sunrays to produce and synthesize many nutrients but due to modern lifestyles, almost everyone is sun deprived. One of the best ways to start your pool experience is to lounge in a pool chair and let the sun serenade your skin. The benefits will be palpable.


Where to stay

One great Resort near Kasauli that has a luxurious and stunning infinity swimming pool is the Moksha Resort in Parwanoo. Barely an hour before Kasauli, Moksha offers the perfect oasis of luxury and good taste that you can use as a base when exploring Kasauli and nearby areas. Besides a swimming pool, the resort also has a great spa, a gym and breathtaking views of the mountains.

Regardless of when you go, you can always swim at Moksha’s amazing pool and order whatever you like by the poolside. The pool itself affords wonderful views of the mountains and the resort for that easily recognizable party and holiday vibe that is essential for any vacation to be a success.

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