Tranquil Escapes: Discover the Beauty of Hills View Resort

The remedy for too much time in the city is a room at a good resort with a mesmerizing view of the hills. There is something about the sight of tall hills covered by green trees that instantly takes one away from earthly hassles and transports us to an elevated state of mind. Perhaps this is why people love to go to hills view resorts in the foothills of the Himalayas to get away from it all.

Hill view

India has some spectacular mountain ranges and hills in the north that are ideal for a hilly hibernation away from the heat and hassle of the city. Luckily, many of them are undeveloped and relatively unspoiled, giving travellers a close-to-nature experience that is hard to find in other parts of the world. You can get a good view from many of these places but it is hard to find a good resort with the right facilities for a perfect vacation.

Where to go

If you live in Delhi, Chandigarh or one of the cities in North India, all you have to do is travel north by car and soon you will be accosted by the Himalayas. The ground begins to rise slowly and then leads into labyrinthine roads that take you from one hill to the next. While this journey can be slow and hard for some, others enjoy the winding paths that crisscross lush forests, beautiful hills, smooth plateaus and the occasional lake or waterfall.

The Himalayas are a perfect stepwise incline that provides many different types of opportunities for tourists including different elevations, flora and geographic features. Tourists have the choice of staying near a lake or by the river and can also decide how cold they want their destination to be. The northernmost regions of the Himalayas are always frozen as the range is home to some of the tallest peaks in the world including Mr. Everest.

The curve of the Himalayas is also perfectly parallel to the great rivers of the north, making them perfectly placed only a short distance away from the cities that are located on the banks of these rivers. A few hours of driving will get you to the start of the great mountains while another few hours will take you inside these majestic ranges.

best Hill view Resorts

The Himalayas also has a well-developed infrastructure as the British started the process of building roads and train tracks to access the interior regions. Although the roads can be a quite narrow and rocky at places and are prone to mudslides and rock fall, one can travel all the way to Ladakh by road if one is so inclined. For most tourists, the drive to their destination is short enough for a weekend break or even an overnight stay.

Most of the famous hill stations in the Himalayas were discovered and developed by the British but the work has continued on since independence. Inspired by the Raj, many Indians have made vacations at hill stations a part of their lifestyle and organize annual, biannual or monthly retreats to these places. The quintessential hills station experience has been widely written about and featured in movies, making it a classic mainstay of life in India.

Most visitors to the mountains do not engage in many activities. While young people are adventurous and like to go for trekking, whitewater rafting, outdoor camping and long walks in the woods, most adults are satisfied with the view and are simply interested in getting some rest and respite in the cool fresh mountain air with great views of hills all around.

The typical vacation in the hills

The standard hill station vacation is 9-14 days long and covers multiple destinations. Families like to get together and embark on their journey to the hills in caravans of 3 or 4 cars, taking with them every item of convenience that they can. They try to leave the city early to avoid the morning traffic and after many stops for food and rest, the families reach their destination in the evening and get settled in by nighttime.

Kasauli Hotels

Over the next few days, adults, elderly people, youngsters, and children can enjoy different aspects of the destination while getting together for meals and excursions. The room rate usually includes a buffet breakfast, which forms a suitable forum to discuss the day’s activities and options. In the evenings, family dinners are served early, leaving youngsters free to pursue late-night activities.

A single destination is considered to be too staid and boring for a vacation so the trip is usually expanded to include another nearby destination for a few days. This is often a slightly more upscale resort that is a step up from the earlier accommodations to make the time spent traveling worthwhile. This also gives you an additional sampling that can be used to compare and contrast the two destinations.

Where to stay

If you are looking for a good resort  that is fun for the whole family and away from the hustle and bustle of hill towns, you should take a closer look at Mokhsa Spa Resort in Parwanoo. This is a luxurious and well-placed luxury resort and spa that has some of the best views in the area and also has good food and facilities. It is ideal for a short vacation or weekend getaway.

The Moksha Resort is located about an hour before Kasauli and provides the perfect mix of solitude and proximity to tourist attractions. If you want, you can take a short trip to visit temples, waterfalls, streams and markets but if you decide to spend your time at the resort, you will find everything you need under one roof.

Moksha has a great infinity pool and also a great spa that offers many wellness treatments for guests. You can get salon treatments at the resort and enjoy world-class cuisine afterwards. If you are travelling in a family, the resort offers different activities for different age groups so that everyone has an exemplary experience in the hills.














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