A Romantic Hill Station in India that You Cannot Miss

With the summer heat dying down and cool monsoon showers erupting everywhere, it is once again time when young couples seek to get away from the city for some alone time. Traditionally, this is the start of the social season, when couples head to the hill stations of India in search of solace and a naturally beautiful environment where they can spend some quality time with their special someone.

Hill Stations near Delhi within 300 Kms

Unfortunately, it is becoming harder and harder to find a Romantic Hill Station in India as the old world charm that once percolated through such destinations as Shimla, Mussoorie and Nainital is being replaced by the hum of industrialization. Everywhere you go, there are modern buildings made of steel and glass along with traffic jams and pollution.

Where to go

All the hill stations of India were designed for a small elite and their staff but have now become so popular that thousands of people come here everyday. The narrow roads and quaint teashops can no longer cater to the onslaught of tourists and are hence being replaced by multi-story buildings and wide highways.

This may be good for the economy and the overall development of nation but it bears ill for the budding love that once used to blossom on these hill slopes and mountaintops. What used to be a sweet, endearing and adventurous journey through uncharted territory is now a highly commercialized, garish and noisy trip that few want to take.

Instead, younger couples are now choosing to stage their courtships at luxury resorts that promise a level of sophistication and comfort that makes the whole process more enjoyable and less uncertain. Most luxury hill view resorts nowadays have a refined understanding for the special needs of couples and some have become quite adept at anticipating and filling these needs.

Preset 9-course romantic dinners organized by experts have replaced intimate dining experiences at risky new restaurants. Skillfully guided nature walks around carefully manicured lawns of the resort have replaced treks into the wild. Most luxury resorts also provide a bonfire but instead of looking for dry sticks in the forest, all you have to do is pick up the phone.

romatic dinner in Parwanoo

In other words, you can still do all the activities that are traditionally a part of the ancient ritual of a romantic trip without any of the danger and risk attached to it. At a good luxury resort in a good location, you will find all the ingredients you need, whether you are sparking a new flame or rekindling an old relationship.

As soon as you check in, the opulent environment of the resort will put your mind at ease. If your resort is located away from civilization, the seclusion, beautiful views and crisp mountain air are enough to create magical moments. Add to this a heavenly room, a pretty pool, couple activities and a seemingly infinite menu of food and drink and events are sure to take their own course.

romantic gateway in India

Most couples are averse to leaving the resort during their sojourn and that’s okay, since there is so much to see and do at these properties that you can spend a whole week exploring it. Start by taking a quick tour of the resort to orient yourself and then head to the pool while the sun is still shining. Most pools have an attached bar or allow poolside service, as this area is always a popular hub for guests.

Lunch al-fresco by the poolside as the staff brings everything you need right to your lap and socialize with other couples and fellow travellers. After lunch you can laze around sunbathing or wander off to participate in couples activities like couple massage, guided walks, cooking classes or beauty treatments at the salon. It is also time to explore the resort’s unique nooks and crannies that make large properties so interesting and exciting for couples.

For dinner, you can visit the restaurant or restaurants at the resort to sample their cuisine or retire to your room for an in-room dining session that is expertly designed and elegantly served. You can also ask the resort for a special dining experience away from the other guests that is specially created as per your express likes and dislikes. These “designer dinners” have become very popular and are especially apt if you plan to pop the question or propose taking your relationship to the next level.

Where to stay

One such resort in Parwanoo is suitable for couples is the Moksha Resort. Far from the city and ideally located for prime views of the mountain and plateau, Moksha is a refined and luxurious property that is a pleasure to stay in. Its famous infinity pool has one of the best views of the surroundings while the service and amenities are impeccable.

Romantic Hill Station in India

If you are thinking of taking a romantic trip to the hills, it is best to stay at a well-endowed place such as Moksha instead of taking unnecessary risks of exploring hackneyed and trite spots that were once heartwarming but are now overdone. At an incredible resort near Kasauli such as Moksha, you can relax and feel at ease, knowing that when the conditions are right, sparks are sure to fly.

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